Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday... the Final Frontier

Wait... where did this week go?  

Are we really done?

 Am I really ready for the real world?

I had to laugh at myself this morning. When Todd was talking about our class coming to an end, and the idea of moving on,  I thought he said, "You've all come so far. I hope you all continue to bond."  What he really said was, 

"I hope you continue to BLOG." 

Perhaps I haven't evolved as I should have this week.  I'll keep working on that.  I still wanna "Be Like G".

In all, I'm not sure if I feel more inspired to act or more overwhelmed by the incredible responsibility I feel to make the kinds of changes in my teaching which have been modeled for us this week.   I'm certain I need time for reflection.  And a real vacation. 

Lingering questions I hope to keep at the forefront:  
How do we educate our children to take their places
 in the economies of the 21st century?

Is it enough to encourage and work hard?   

Is "knowing" obsolete?

What does it really mean to TEACH?

Here's an idea... how about a reunion?  

Friday, May 16 2014
4:00 - ?
Dubach PC Lab, Templeton Hall
Lewis and Clark

Let me know!  I'm just an e-mail away.

Thursday Redux...

Geez.  Who knew that creating 1.37 minutes and 31.7 MB of video would take me over 8 hours?  What a trip.  Alas, it's done, and I am now a proud member of the iMovie First-Timer's Club.  Yes!!

And, while I heard every word of what Todd said today about ethical use of images and creation of stunning webpages, it is quite possible that my project falls somewhat short... However, since it was all for educational purposes, I'm good to go, right?

Perhaps I should try my own RSA Animate...or maybe I'll just enjoy the rest of summer! : )

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday's Wisdom

Relationships and Negotiations: The Mesh

Really, that's what it all comes down to, right?  Relationships with others, and negotiating for what we need and want.   As we were talking about how to get others to do what they need to do with respect to technology (or anything else, for that matter) the outcomes are based on The Mesh.  I hope I'm skilled enough to make The Mesh as "win-win" as possible!

I appreciated Margaret's 'three-pronged approach' to getting her staff to do what's needed:  teach first, clearly and repeatedly state administrative expectations,  and help teachers identify and break down the barriers.  Sounds like a good way to go.

G on Google, Hot Bath Moments in Technology and Killer Techno Tools

Google Fans, UNITE!  Was this guy great, or what?  The information presented was incredibly helpful but anyone can deliver great information.  What made his PD great was the fact that he presented great information in a super engaging way because of who he is.  Who wouldn't like him?  Did anyone else wonder what happened to the Star Wars fighter jet??  My favorite G quote of the day: 

“If you ever have an original thought, you don’t have to worry about anyone stealing it, as you will likely have to shove it down people’s throats.”

Todd's Homework Prompt:  What's my 'local vision'?  What will/can I do in September?  

I've decided to host a "Summer Share" for staff who wish to participate. We can all share about things we learned this summer which we want to apply in the classroom during the school year.  I'll share the video I'm making for our final project and I'll bring snacks, which usually draws at least a small crowd! 

I stumbled across this quote today and thought it was a great reminder...  “In order for reflective practice to be at it’s highest level we have to have evidence of practice.” (Jennifer Chandler, Virtual Instructional Coach, Memphis City Schools)  So,  I'll double my efforts to "practicing what I preach" and will try to 'be the change I want to see' in my school. 

A question I hope to answer in partnership with my colleagues... 
How do we promote learning which makes students feel appreciated?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday's Afterthoughts

Boy, did today get away from me!  However, everywhere I went I observed folks using their devices.  Out of 61 people in the DMV today, 42 of them were using a device for a part, if not all, of their waiting time.  There was an incredible range of individuals; old, young, men, women... While I was waiting I shared the video we saw in class, A View of Students Today, with my 15 year-old son.  I thought he would be impressed that I was acknowledging the average teenager's plight, but he just said, "Yeah, Mom.  Duh!"  There you have it.

I enjoyed experiencing relative success with iMovie today!  I'm excited to use it more and become more familiar with it. 

Tuesday's Work

Monday, July 22, 2013

EDAD 536 - Corris' Monday Response

Ideas/Quotes that caught my attention today...

From Learning to Change, Changing to Learn:  
Technology is not a choice... it's what happening in the real world. 

Sir Ken  Robinson  " we must think and act anew...rise with the occasion"

Things I'm pondering... "My Reflection Collection"

Q:  Why do we close the real world out of our schools?

Q:  How can we diversify our teaching teams and schedules so that students are receiving instruction from the most highly skilled technology teachers?  How to we capitalize on innate talents (in staff) for the benefit of our students?

Q:  Is collaboration about "learning" from one another, or rather is it about working, building, brainstorming, arguing/challenging (respectfully) and discovering with one another?
A related TED Talk I like, and which got me thinking:
Margaret Heffernan:  Dare to Disagree 

Q:  How do we share our resources with our communities in a way that helps our students and families build technological (or other) skills? 

Q:  Is there a way to purposefully and consistently bring real-world professionals into our schools on, for example, exchange, stipend or on a volunteer basis? Are there business partnerships yet to be developed? 

Q:  How do we help teachers participate in local events, such as the upcoming NCTE conference in March of 2014?

Q:  In what ways can building level staff collaborate in a meaningful, personal way with District leaders to make the changes needed?

Q:  How do we help teachers continue to focus on what's going well and build on those successes?

Q:  Does everyone need to go to college? 

Another related TED Talk I like:
Mike Rowe:  Learning from Dirty Jobs

Q:  If students and parents knew the "Real Truth" about the student's current level of achievement (because we've told them and made certain they understood), and if they understood or had access to information related to Common Core Standards, could the use/application of technology at home enable and empower families to take more responsibility for achievement and/or advancement?  How can we promote that?